KAT Performed at Sri Kapileswara Swamy Vari Temple

Tirupati, 28 Feb. 21: As part of traditional practice, TTD on Sunday organised the holy Koil Alwar Tirumanjanam ritual at Sri Kapileswara Swamy Temple in Ekantham ahead of the ensuing annual Brahmotsavams from March 4 to 13.


After morning rituals of Suprabatham and Abhisekam, the holy temple cleansing exercise commenced at 11am and lasted till 2.30pm and later Sarva Darshan commenced for devotees.


Temple DyEO Sri Subramanyam, Temple Superintendent Sri Bhupathi Raju and temple inspector Sri Reddy Sekhar were present in the cleansing ritual.


The annual Brahmotsavam will be conducted in Ekantham inside the temple as per Covid guidelines and the Ankurarpanam will be observed on March 3 evening to kick start the nine day long festival.


Following is the schedule of Vahana Sevas of the Brahmotsavam observed both morning and evening.



Dhwajarohanam in the auspicious Meena lagnam) - Hamsa vahana 


05-03-2021(Friday) Surya Prabha vahana and Chandra Prabha vahana 


06-03-2021(Saturday) Bhuta vahana and Simha vahana 


07-03-2021 (Sunday) Makara vahana and Sesha Vahana



Tiruchi utsavam and Adhikara Nandi Vahana 


09-03-2021 (Tuesday) Vyaghra vahana and Gaja Vahana 


10-03-2021(Wednesday) Kalpavruksha vahana and Aswa Vahana


11-03-2021(Thursday) Rathotsavam (bhogi theru) and Nandi Vahana 


12-03-2021(Friday) Purushamruga Vahana, Kalyanotsavam and Tiruchi utsava 



Sri Natarajaswami Utsavam on Surya Prabha vahana, Trishula Snanam, Dwajavarohanam and Ravanabrahma Vahanam.


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