Managudi Program in Telugu States from 13th April (Ugadi) to 21st April (Srirama Navami)

Tirupati, 23 Mar. 21: The TTD’s Managudi program will be conducted under the aegis of HDPP at all Sri Rama temples at district headquarters of both Telugu states on April 13(Ugadi), and April 21 (Sri Rama Navami).


TTD plans to distribute booklets on the significance of the Ugadi festival on the day besides conducting Panchanga Shravana and Ugadi pachadi for devotees benefit.


TTD is also organising Dharmic upanyasas by eminent Vedic pundits on episodes from Ramayana at all Ramalayas for seven days from April 21, the Sri Rama Navami festival.


TTD’s Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad Secretary Acharya Rajagopalan is supervising all arrangements.

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