Phalguna Lakshmi Vaibhavam Observed wit Religious Grandeur

Tirupati, 28 March 2021: In connection with Lakshmi Jayanti, Phalguna Lakshmi Vaibhavam was observed by TTD and SVBC on Sunday evening with utmost spiritual fervour. The aparade Grounds of TTD donned a complete new look on Sunday evening with the illumination emerged out of hundreds of ghee lit lamps.

To over come the ill effects caused due to Covid 19 Virus across the world, TTD has been observing various vedic and religious activities from the past one year. The community events like Karthika Deeptsavam, Dhanurmasa Vishnu Pujanam, Maghamasa Visesha Puja etc.with the participation of public. 

In the sacred Phalguna Masa, on the auspicious day of Phalguna Pournami, a unique Phalguna Lakshmi Vaibhavam event was celebrated to commemorate the birth of Sri Lakshmi Devi on the pleasant evening under the full moon day light.


The fete began at 6pm with Vedic Scholar Dr PV Chalapathi briefing on the significance of the festival. He also explained on Lakshmi Jayanthi and also recited Maha Lakshmi Astakam. 

After introduction, Veda Swasti followed with chanting of Sri Suktam hymns by Sri Yajulu, Sri Purushottamacharyulu. Later Maha Lakshmi Puja performed by scholars Dr GV Subramanya Sharma, Dr GV Phaniraja Shastry, Dr S Sitarama Rao, Dr AV Bharadwaja from Sri Venkateswara Vedic University.


The dance ballet on Sri Maha Lakshmi Avirbhavam by the students of SV College of Music and Dance under the guidance of Dr M Muddubala stood as a cynosure. The excellent portrayal of different deities with Lakshmi emerging out of Samudra Madhanam episode stole the limelight. The background score music rendered by Dr K Vandana added the flavour to the ballet.


The artistes of Annamacharya Project by senior artist Sri G Madhusudhan Rao and his team of artistes rendered Govinda Namas. The women devotees who participated in the religious event lit ghee lamps and offered Samuhika Deeparadhanam. 


The entire event was telecasted live by SVBC and the drone camera effect enhanced the beauty of the ghee lit lamps. 


The event came to a grand event with Mangala Harati with the Annamacharya Project artistes rendering the famous keertana "Ksheerabdi Kanyakaku..Sree Maha Lakshmikini...Neeraja Layamunaku... Neerajanam" with melody.


Students who performed the dance ballet were felicitated by TTD EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy.


Women devotees who participated in the event lauded TTD for the perfect execution of the programme with finesse. After Deeparadhana, each devotee is presented with a Tulasi plant and packet containing a blouse piece, two kankanams, Mini Tirumala Laddu and Tiruchanoor laddu as prasadam.

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