Tremendous Response for Lakshmi Vaibhavam Pravachanas

Tirumala, 22 March 2021: Tremendous response from devotees marked the Lakshmi Vaibhavam pravachanas held at the Nada Niranjanam platform on Monday morning as part of the TTD dharmic agenda of Phalguna Utsava.


Devotees are thronging the  Nada Niranjanam platform daily and the live telecast by SVBC  has been a major hit with devotees watching the program across the world.


It is well known that the TTD dharmic programs in Karthika, Dhanur, and Magha had hugely reverberated the devotees sentiments. TTD plans to conduct similar programs in Tirupati and Vijayawada during the Phalguna month as well.


The Lakshmi Vaibhavam Pravachanas are being conducted from March 14- April 12. Dr K Ramanuja Charyulu of Dharmagiri Veda vijnan peetham is providing commentary in simple Telugu narrating the significance of each day in the holy Phalguna month.


In the coming days, he is expected to explain the several stages of Asta Lakshmi Vratam, avatars of Sri Lakshmi Devi and incarnation of the Goddess of wealth and prosperity in a simple narrative.


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