Kodandarama Chakrasnanam at Vontimitta

Vontimitta, 29 Apr. 21:  TTD organised a solemn chakrasnanam event on Thursday morning at Sri Kodandarama Swamy temple in ekantha as part of the final day celebrations of the Sri Ramanavami Brahmotsavam as per, Covid guidelines.


The festivities included temple Shuddi and Aradhana at early hours and thereafter utsava idols of Sri Lakshmana sameta Sri Sitarama and Sri Sudarshan Chakrathalwar were seated at Ranga Mandapam 


Under the stewardship of Kankana bhattar Sri Rakesh Bhattar, the rituals of Punya Havachanam and Snapana thirumanjanam was performed. Thereafter the divine fete of Chakrasnanam was conducted in the gangalam amidst Veda mantras and Mangala vadyams.


The traditional practices of Nivedana, Mantra Pushpa and Mangala harati heralded the conclusion of the celestial event.


Later tonight the final ritual, the Dwajavarohanam, will herald the conclusion of the nine-day Brahmotsavam.


Temple AEO Sri Muralidhar, Superintendent Sri Venkateshaiah, Inspectors Sri Dhananjayulu, Sri Giribabu, archakas and other staff were present


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