Tirumala Temple Gears up for Telugu Ugadi

Tirumala, 12 Apr. 21: The premises of Tirumala temples are being geared up for the Telugu New Year day-Plavanama Samvatsara Ugadi on Tuesday.


The Garden wing of TTD is making floral decorations matching the occasion in a big way with tonnes of varieties of traditional flowers and thousands of cut flowers. Florists, curtlary artists from Karnataka, AP are doing the decorations with innovative concepts.


According to the Garden Superintendent of TTD Sri Srinivasulu, Hyderabad based Laurus Lab has come forward to donate three tonnes of traditional flowers, 50thousand pieces of cut flowers used for the decoration inside the temple. They have also contributed the material required for Janur Art and the entire flowers costing around Rs.12.50lakhs is been donated by them while the donors from Salem of Tamilnadu contributed five tonnes of traditional flowers and Bengaluru donors another 20thousand cut flowers for the occasion. 


Janur art is a unique form of floral art where in coconut leaves are primariliy used to make diaromas with enhanced beauty and it being used for the first time in the temple decoration. Sri Kalidas from Bengaluru is doing the desigining with this.


While Sri Krishna from Vijayawada, has made a life size structure of Sri Venkateswara Swamy with Navadhanyas and Sri Harish Kumar from Shimoga of Karnataka did the curtlary of Dasavatara on Watermelon with finesse for the occasion.


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