TTD Addl Eo Releases Haridasa Sarvasvam Volumes

Tirumala, 1 Apr. 21: The mission of TTD is to place all Haridasa and Annamacharya sankeetans in public domain as a part of Hindu Sanatana Dharma Pracahara, said TTD Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy.


As Chief Guest, the Additional EO released several volumes of sankeetans at Asthana Mandapam at Tirumala on Thursday on the occasion of Sri Vyasaraja Thirtha Aradhanotsavam held under the aegis of TTD Dasa Sahitya project in total adherence to COVID-19 guidelines.


Speaking on the occasion he said as per the decision of the board TTD has taken up publication of 7000 Sankeertans of Sri Purandara Dasa (out of 4.75 lakh sankeetans penned by the saint).


He said TTD has launched a campaign to gather most of sankeetans of Purandara Dasa in possession of individuals and institutions in Karnataka and publish them.


Presently the sankeetans are published in Kannada language and later they would be published in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi with relevant commentaries.


The Additional EO said TTD would soon launch in Kannada SVBC channel will give priority space to telecast Sri Purandara Dasa sankeetans by producing special episodes of sankeetans recorded by the Dasa Sahitya project.


TTD is also mulling to take up live telecast of special programs on Kannada SVBC by roping eminent singers of Karnataka to take the sankeetans to the people.


He appealed to all artists of Dasa Sahitya project to take the Dasa sankeetans to every doorstep of devotees in Karnataka through SVBC and distribution of sankeetan volumes.


Earlier the Additional EO along with the Special Officer of Dasa Sahitya project unveiled the first and second volumes of Dasa Sahitya Sarvasvsm.


Speaking on the occasion the SO of Dasa Sahitya project, Sri Anandathirthacharya said the saint poet Sri Vyasaraja had resided at Tirumala for 12 years to script thousands of sankeetans on Sri Venkateswara. Presently TTD has compiled sankeetans of Haridasas Sri Narahari Thirtha, Sri Jaya thirtha, Sri Sri Padaraja and Sri Vyasaraja in two volumes titled Sarvasvsm comprising of 200 and 300 sankeetans in First and Second volumes respectively.



Sub-Editor Dr Narasimhacharya, Pandit Parishad member Sri Nagarajacharya and 500 artists of Dasa Sahitya project were present.

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