TTD Denies Claims on Hanuman Birth Place

Tirumala, 25 Apr. 21: The TTD on Sunday denied reports in print, electronic and social media that its recent declaration on the birthplace of Sri  Hanuman was based on reports provided by other scholars.


In a statement, TTD said a scholars committee was set under the chairmanship of Prof V Muralidhar Sharma, Vice-chancellor of National Sanskrit University to study the issue in detail. The committee made vigorous research on evidences gathered from Puranic anthologies, epigraphically sources, literary scripts and geographical details as indicated in 12 Puranas and epic texts.


The findings of the scholars committee submitted to TTD in a final report were announced at Tirumala in the presence of Honourable Governor of Tamilnadu, His Excellency Sri Banwarilal Purohit on the Sri Ramanavami day, April 21.


Thereafter scores of scholars have sprung up from nowhere and are making claims that the “ research reports submitted to TTD by them long ago” was the basis for the announcement made by TTD on April 21.


The TTD reiterated its declaration on Anjanadri hillock in Tirumala as the birthplace of Hanuman, was an outcome of vigorous research made by the scholars committee set up TTD only.


TTD said that all claims in media by others were totally baseless and allegedly motivated for propaganda with bad intentions.


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