TTD Intensifies Publicity on Plastic Ban in Tirumala

Tirumala, 12 Apr. 21: As a part of its mission of environment protection in Tirumala, TTD has taken up a ban on plastic usage in the hill town since January last. To attain a cent per cent plastic ban in Tirumala, TTD has intensified its publicity.


On Monday, under the aegis of Dr RR Reddy, Health Officer of TTD, awareness rallies were organized at Alipiri Toll Gate, Kalyanakatta and other important junction points. 


The employees, locals and pilgrims are being told to completely ban the usage of plastic bottles and instead use glass bottles in its place.


Some of the key guidelines on plastic ban:


Devotees walking along both footpath routes are requested not to carry plastic bottles 


They are also sought not to throw plastic covers and other related items in the ghats


All the shopkeepers residing are also directed not to sell items in plastic covers 


Reusable bottles are being encouraged


Every day, the Health wing divides into two teams and educates pilgrims trekking along both footpaths and also clears the plastics if any immediately.


In Tirumala, RO water is available at all the 88 Jalaprasadam units. Every day nearly 4.44lakh litres of water are being filtered through water filters and devotees shall consume these waters avoiding carrying plastic water bottles.


Even in all the shops at Tirumala, glass water bottles are available


The replacement of plastic laddu covers with jute bags and biodegradable compost covers has gained an immense response from pilgrims.


Similar manner, the devotees are requested to discard the usage of plastic water bottles and co-operate with the decision of TTD to make Tirumala a safe Plastic Free Zone.

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