Shodashadina Sundarakanda Diksha from 3rd to 18th May

Tirumala, 2 May 2021: TTD conducted the traditional Ankurarpanam fete at Dharmagiri Veda vijnan peetham on Sunday night for the shodashadina sundarakanda Diksha from tomorrow, May3-18.


The TTD is observing the 16-day long Diksha for well being of humanity seeking relief from Pandemic Corona at the Vasantha Mandapam in total adherence to Covid guidelines.


The fete will be conducted by 32 Vedic pundits and supervised by Principal Sri KSS Avadhani. While 16 of them will dairy observe Japam and Homam at Dharmagiri Veda vijnan peetham, another batch of 16 pundits will conduct parayanams of 68 sargas of Sundarakanda Diksha at the Vasantha Mandapam in Tirumala from May 3- 18.


The participant pundits have to observe rigid Vedic traditions of one meal a day, celibacy and daily japam etc.


 TTD Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy, teachers and Veda pundits of Dharmagiri were present.


TTD is already conducting Sundarakanda parayanams at Nada Niranjanam platform daily in the morning between 07.00-8.00 am and the same is live telecast by SVBC to make devotees as partners in the spiritual campaign against Covid-19.


The 16-day Shodashadina Sundarakanda Diksha is another effort by TTD to intensify its spiritual campaign against Pandemic COVID-19. The Vedic pundits say that the Diksha is very auspicious and parayanams of each word in the Sundarakanda sargas carried significant spiritual impact on all evil forces afflicting the humanity.

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