All Out Efforts to Grandly Celebrate Annamaiah Jayanti and Popularise His Sankeertans - TTD Clarifies

TTD clarified that it had made all arrangements for grand celebrations of Saint poets Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya’s 614th Jayanti and also strived to popularise his sankeertans in public domain.


In a statement on Tuesday TTD listed out the programs for Jayanti fete scheduled between May 16 - 22 at Dhyana Mandiram. In Tallapaka, at 108 feet statue of Sri Annamaiah on highway and at two venues in Tirupati.


Among others besides grand Srivari Kalyanam at Tallapaka, TTD had also organised music programs and organized Sadas at Tirupati cherished by many denizens 


Similarly TTD has published Annamacharys sankeertans in book form with meaning and commentary which is being released during Jayanti celebrations.


Another 280 sankeertans are recorded freshly and uploaded on TTD website.


Besides an all out operation to publish all sankeertans of Sri Annamacharya with commentary etc.


TTD is popularising the sankeertans through special programs on SVBC like Adigo Alladigo etc. to engage the youth in the devotional campaign.


TTD said in the backdrop of all these realities certain vested interests are deliberately campaigning that TTD was indifferent towards Sri Annamacharya Jayanti with an altruistic intent to malign the reputation of the organisation.


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