Dr. Hedgewar : A visionary Patriotic Biopic in Hindi, English , Marathi

Indian film makers have never stepped back in telling about the greatest legends of all times. This time it is the turn of Director Sunny Mandavarra, DOP Maneendra Kumar and his team to tell about Dr. Hedgewar : the man behind RSS. Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, the founder of the biggest voluntary service organization, RSS, was born on Ugadi day in 1889 in a Telugu origin family settled in Maratha area. His study of Indian history and culture made Hedgewar understand the ills of the society which led to the subjugation of the country by the marauding foreign invaders.

Dr. Hedgewar designed RSS as a distinct organization of selfless workers called Swayam Sevaks. For them the service to the society is a 24×7 job and there is no area untouched by the Sangh workers. The founder has not set any rigid, written rules for the RSS.

His words of “not bowing down to hardships, not caring for the criticism but to answer the opponents through their service” is followed by the members of RSS. During his lifetime the great national personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose visited the camps of RSS and appreciated the idea of building such a great organization. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was surprised to see the people of working to the cause of RSS and the nation and admired the cadre working forgetting all the caste identities

A Tollywood Director of Photography - DOP Mr. Maneendra Kumar has worked in bringing the picture to life alongside the vision of Director Sunny Mandavarra and Producer Shobha Jayanand Shetty. Maneendra Kumar while talking to media names said, “It was challenging, yet exciting to capture about 280 artists performance for this magnum opus. The movie was majorly shot with theatrical artists from various places. The movie came out really well and I am excited to look at the audience experience at Dr. Hedgewar's biopic". Mr. Maneendra Kumar, who previously worked for few Bollywood movies, brought the envision of the director to life by using the right color palette.

The movie is hitting the silver screens on soon.

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