Ayurveda Should Become A Compass for the World - Dr G Sateesh Reddy

The ancient medicine of Ayurveda should become a role model to the world in the field of Medicine in curing all sorts of ailments, strongly opinioned Dr G Satheesh Reddy, the Technical Adviser, Ministry of Defence.

He visited SV Ayurveda College and Hospital on Thursday. Addressing the students on this occasion, he asked them to examine the treatment methods and principles of Ayurveda through western technology and show the superiority of India with new innovations.  Students are expected to understand Ayurveda with dedication and hard work.

Earlier, he paid a visit to the various wards including Panchakarma treatment, Ksharasutra process and other treatment methods and interacted with the patients who were undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Later he lauded the services of the doctors', paramedical and office staff in both the hospital and at the college and also keeping the premises clean and hygienic.

Ayurveda College Principal Dr. Muralikrishna, Hospital Medical Superintendents Dr. Renu Dixit, Dr. Sundaram, Vice Principal Dr. Vijayabhaskar Reddy, Faculty Dr. Durga and students participated.

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