Barbers Cautioned to Avoid Infections - Dr Krishna Prashanthi

Eminent Diabetologist, Dr Krishna Prashanti advised barbers of Kalyana Katta to take all precautions to avoid infections to devotees who offer tonsure ahead of Srivari Darshan.

Addressing a health awareness program at Asthana Mandapam in Tirumala on Tuesday to kalyana katta barbers Dr Krishna Prashanti said barbers should wear masks and frequently clean their hands with lotions to avoid nose, hair and lung infections to devotees.

Among others,  she advised barbers on walking and do neck, shoulders exercises every hour since they were seated for long hours as a part of their work.

SVETA Director Smt Prashanti, AEO Kalyanakatta Sri Ramakanth Rao, 300 barbers were present.

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