Panchayudha Ramachandra Shines on Suryaprabha

Sri Rama donning Panchayudhas, shined brightly on Suryaprabha Vahanam on Sunday morning.

On the seventh day as a part of the ongoing annual brahmotsavam in Sri Kodandarama Swamy temple witnessed Sri Rama with Conch(Shankha), Disc(Chakra), Bow and Arrow(Saranga), Mace(Kaumodaki) and Sword(Nandaka) - the Panchayudhas and glided all along the four mada streets to bless His devotees.

Both the senior and junior pontiffs of Tirumala, DyEO Smt Nagaratna, AEO Sri Mohan, Superintendent Sri Ramesh and others were present.

Devotees thronged in large numbers as the Suryprabha coincided on the 'Sun'day to catch the glimpse of the divine carrier. 

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