Financial Dicipline is A Most Important Component - TTD Eo

For the development of any organisation the financial discipline is one of the most important components to achieve goals without compromising on the quality, and in the last three years SVBC achieved this credit said TTD EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy. 

The EO attended an interactive programme with the employees of SVBC in the Meeting Hall in SVBC Office on Friday along with the CEO of SVBC Sri Shanmukh Kumar. Addressing the occasion, the EO said with the effective coordination by the present CEO, SVBC has overcome the gaps in the administration and financial aspects. 

Quoting a few slokas with meaning from Bhagavat Gita, the EO asked every employee should own the institution and work hard for its reputation. "We all know how the programmes like Sundarakanda, Bhagavat Gita, Yoga Darshanam etc.have transformed the face of SVBC. For the past three years, SVBC is standing in the numero uno position among all the spiritual channels across the country and the programmes have been critically acclaimed even across the world. We achieved this feat by cutting almost 50% of unnecessary expenditure, at the same time without compromising on the quality of programmes. This spirit of team work should continue forever", he added.

Later EO advised the CEO to hold monthly review meetings on what sort of spiritual programmes need to be designed, how to enhance the quality of programmes in a much better way and other administrative issues if any by interacting with the employees inviting ideas from them also.

Administrative, News, Production, Technical, Financial and other staff of SVBC were present.

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