CM Revanth Reddy's Speech Points at the Swearing Ceremony at LB Stadium

• Jai Sonia Gandhi , Jai Sonia Gandhi


• Friends,  Telangana state formation is   a strenuous  effort.  


• Telangana state has been formed after a lot of struggle.    


• The state of Telangana is built on the foundations of sacrifices.


  Smt Sonia Gandhi’s grit and determination  has realized the dreams of  4 crore Telangana  people  to fulfil their aspirations, restoration of  democracy system and render social justice with the idea of equal development  starting from Asifabad to Alampur and from Khammam to Kodangal at the cost of Congress interests.      


• Today ‘Indiramma Rajyam ( Regime) ’ vowed to fulfil the aspirations of  4 crore  Telangana people, especially Telangana farmers, students, Telangana unemployed youth, activists and families of martyrs through this swearing-in ceremony at LB Stadium. Democracy has been decimated in Telangana for the last 10 years and human rights are violated.   People are living in silence as they did not have a platform to bring their grievances to the notice of the previous government.  The "Praja Telangana government" is formed with the support of 4 crore people and the Congress party activists who carried the party flag during the difficult time and also in the elections.   

• People of Telangana attained freedom with the process of the formation of  Indiramma Rajyam.


• The new Telangana state cabinet   will render justice to the people of Telangana. 


The new government will pave the way to equal development in all parts of Telangana state.

 • Iron barricades around Pragati Bhavan are removed on the swearing-in ceremony day.  


• From this platform, I am making a promise to four crore people as the Chief Minister of Telangana State that “Today, my Telangana family broke the iron fences around Pragati Bhavan and entered freely in the Pragati Bhavan. Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts, aspirations and their ideas with the government for the development of the state.”  


•  You are  the partners in the state government . I vowed to all of you that, as your beloved leader, I will take the responsibility of the development of the welfare state  by taking suggestions from all.. 


 • We will hold a ‘Public Darbar’ tomorrow morning at 10 am at Jyoti Rao Phule  Bhavan.


• I will take responsibility for safeguarding the rights of the people,  maintain peace and security for the development of this city, develop the Telangana state  competing with not only India but also the world  and create a confidence among the helpless that they are not neglected.      


• With the inspiration of Sonia Gandhi and Mallikarjuna Kharge under the guidance of Rahul Gandhi, the new government- Indiramma Rajyam will deliver the services as a servant and not a ruler  for the development of the state. I feel it is a great respect that people gave me the opportunity for the development of this region.


• Lakhs of workers are ready to sacrifice their lives to the formation of the government today. Nno one is ready to give up the tricolour Congress flag. I will remember your hard work and keep you all in my  heart. As a leader, I take the responsibility of taking care of the activists who have worked hard for ten years.

• Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi consider us as  family members in Delhi. From this day onwards, this state government works with the aim of rendering  justice to the families of our students, unemployed and Telangana martyrs .

 • Request all of you to give your approval and welcome with a big  applause to hold a public darbar at 10 am tomorrow morning at Jyoti Rao Phule Bhavan. 

• Thank you all for attending this auspicious program and get rid of Telangana from the evil forces. All of you as family members participated in the swearing-in.  I am extending gratitude to all  national level Congress leaders, Chief Ministers of various states, ministers, fellow political parties, many political parties  which playing a very important role in the I.N.D.I.A India alliance, my fellow parliamentarians  for attending  the constitution of  ‘Indiramma Rajyam’  on this  auspicious  occasion. On behalf of the people of Telangana, I would like to thank you all with applause.

CM Revanth Reddy signed the first file on the implementation of the Six Guarantees.

• As promised earlier, CM Revanth Reddy signed the second file by allotting a job to unemployed Rajini.

-Press note

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