Agasteswara Alaya Annual Event

The annual Brahmotsavam in Sri Maragatavalli sameta Agasteswara temple, a sub-shrine attached to Sri Kalyana Venkateswara temple at Narayanavanam will be observed from April 14 to 23 with Ganapati utsavam and Ankurarpanam on April 13.

Dwajarohanam will be on April 14 between 6:30am and 7:30am in Mesha Lagnam. The important days include, Nandi Vahanam on April 18, Rathotsavam on April 20, Kalyanotsavam on April 21 where two persons are allowed on payment of Rs.500 per ticket.

On April 22 Nataraja Utsavam, Ravanasura Vahanam, April 23 Trishula Snanam and Dhwajavarohanam with which the annual fest concludes.

Special devotional programs have been arranged by All Dharmic projects of TTD on these days.

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