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Wheat Rava Kichidi | గోధుమ రవ్వ ఖిచిడీ


Annamaiah Was A Biggest Social Reformer

Saint Poet and Telugu Padakavita Pitamaha Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya was not only a great literary laureate but also a biggest social reformer during his period, said Prof. B Kusuma Kumari.

Speaking during a literary meet organised by TTD on the occasion of the 521st Annamacharya Vardhanti fete by Annamacharya Project in Annamacharya Kalamandiram, the Telugu exponent delivered talk on Annamaiah - Samajikata and said he revolutionised the existing superstitions in the society six centuries ago by bringing social awareness among the denizens through his Sankeertans.

Dr Soujanaya of Brahmasamudram who spoke on Annamaiah - Naitikata said the saint poet raised his voice against inequalities through impeccable kritis like Tandanana Ahi and many other lores.

Dr Lokeswari of Nellore spoke on Imact of Annamacharya on Vengamba and said both of them sensitized the society against social evils through their great literary works.

Project Director Dr Vibhishana Sharma and others were also present.


 Stuffed Tomato Curry | టమాటో గ్రేవీ కర్రీ



Bottle Gourd Curd Chutney | ఆనపకాయ పెరుగుపచ్చడి


Ginger Pickle | అల్లం నిలువ పచ్చడి


Coconut Sweet | కొబ్బరి స్వీట్


 Raw Red Chilli Fried Rice | పండు మిరపకాయ ఫ్రైడ్ రైస్


 Cauliflower Pakoda | గోబీ పకోడీ


 Pumpking Curry | తీపి గుమ్మడి కాయకూర


 Jack Fruit Curd Chutney | పనస కాయ పెరుగు పచ్చడి

 Brinjal Curd Chutney |  వంకాయ పెరుగు పచ్చడి


 Green Tomato Pickle | పచ్చి టమాటా ఆవకాయ


 Temple Sambar |టెంపుల్ సాంబార్


Brinjal Curd Chutney |  వంకాయ పెరుగు పచ్చడి


 Rough Lemon Pickle | దబ్బకాయ పచ్చడి


 Dum Aloo | దమ్ ఆలూ


Wood Apple Chutney | వెలగపండు పచ్చడి


 Rajma Curry | రాజ్మా కర్రీ


Ram Charan and Upasana seek blessings with Klin Kaara, at Mahalaxmi temple in Mumbai

Ram Charan, accompanied by his beautiful wife Upasana and their precious daughter Klin Kaara, marked a joyous occasion at Mumbai's Mahalaxmi temple today. Dressed in a crisp white shirt, Ram Charan looked dapper as the family made their first auspicious outing in the city.


family moment captured Upasana carrying Klin Kaara in her arms as they arrived at the temple. This significant visit was to celebrate Klin Kaara's 6-month birthday, a milestone cherished by the entire family.

The trio visited the Mahalaxmi temple for their first family outing in Mumbai, as they seek blessings for the little Laxmi of their house, Klin Kaara. We love the bond and values their family shares.

This precious family time truly shines as the sweetest moment on the internet today, showcasing Ram Charan with his beauties Upasana and Klin Kaara.

As we eagerly await Ram Charan’s upcoming political thriller ‘Game Changer’, we can’t wait to see more this adorable family together.


Chnnangi Leaf Chutney | చెన్నంగి ఆకు పచ్చడి