Friday, November 30, 2018

Devotees availing online booking increases

The online booking facility that has been made in the website by the Kerala Police sees an increase this time. Devotees have made use of the system in large numbers this year and according to the data, 12 lakhs of Ayyappa devotees have availed the system so far. It was only 15 lakhs last year all through the season. The system has been designed in such a way that devotees can handle it so easily. They have to enter their name, age, photo, address, and an identity card through the crowd management system. They can pick the date and time of their darsan from the calendar itself. They will get a coupon which on submission at Pamba will be verified and stamped by the authorities. This makes the whole process easy and the devotees can take the Chandranandan route to Marakkoottam and then to Sannidhanam. The online booking is free. A devotee can avail the system till January 19.

Meanwhile, devotees cannot avail the online system from December 24 to 27 and from January 12 to 15 due to Mandala-Makaravilakku festival.

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