Friday, November 30, 2018

Tagging at Pamba helps to find child devotees going astray

Police have found the missing cases of child devotees at Sabarimala so frequent and have introduced a tagging system which becomes an instantaneous success in finding the child devotees going astray from their group. Police will collect the details such as the name of the child devotees and the mobile number of the guardian near to Ganapathy temple at Pamba. The tag will be inscribed with all these details. In case of finding a child lose their way, Police can identify their parents using the details in the tag.

With the introduction of the system, the missing cases at Sabarimala have gone down. Child devotees from other states find this system so helpful since the kids did not know the languages beyond their mother tongue. Police have also enhanced their surveillance in finding the misses without wastage of time.   

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