Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Arrangements in Full Swing for Vaikunta Ekadasi - TTD JEo

Tirumala, 4 December 2018: The arrangements for ensuing Vaikuntha Ekadasi are under way and priority is being given for the Darshanam for common devotees which will last for nearly 44 hours on December 18 and 19, said Tirumala JEO Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju.

The JEO along with CVSO Sri Gopinath Jetti and CE Sri Chandra Sekhar Reddy inspected the arrangements for over three hours on Tuesday. As a part of the inspection the officials visited and inspected the ongoing works inside the temple, in four mada streets, at Kalyana Vedika via Bata Gangamma temple, in Narayanagiri gardens.

Later speaking to media persons the JEO said

* Pilgrims are allowed to enter into the compartments of Vaikuntham 2 through MBC 26 gate from 10am onwards on December 17

* After the compartments of VQC 2 and then VQC 1 gets filled, the pilgrims will be allowed to enter into the sheds constructed in Narayanagiri Gardens 

* After filling of all compartments of Vaikuntham and sheds in Narayanagiri Gardens, the pilgrims will be allowed to enter in to the special sheds arranged in four mada streets galleries through N 1 gate and the arrangements were made to nearly forty thousand pilgrims here.

* Even these galleries also gets filled then the devotees were made to wait in Kalyana Vedika which has a holding capacity of 3000 pilgrims. 

* Beyond this pint, the pilgrims will be made to wait in the queue lines laid at New Seva Sadan building.

* Continuous announcements through Radio and Broadcasting will be given for the information of pilgrims about these entry points in different languages 

* Sarva Darshanam commences on December 18 by 5.30am and lasts up to midnight of December 19 with a break of less than an hour for Naivedyam.

* Arrangements of continuous supply of food and water with Srivari Seva volunteers has been planned at micro level

* Set to provide Vaikuntha Dwara darshanam to 1.70pilgrims during these two days

Later the JEO also inspected new Seva Sadan buildings which are set for opening.

SE 2 Sri Rmachandra Reddy, SE Electrical Sri Venkateswarulu, ACVSO Sri Sivakumar Reddy, HO Dr Sermista, Annaprasadam SO Sri Venugopal, VGOs Smt Sada Lakshmi, Sri Manohar were also present.

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