Sunday, June 2, 2019

Engage, Empower and Eliminate Diseased is Motto - SVIMS Director

Tirupati, 2 Jun. 19: In an innovative move, the two-day mega free medical camp organised by TTD with the co assistance from SVIMS, Beltroth, SRL hospital in the compound of TTD Central Hospital was a huge hit among the employees and their families.

Tirupati JEO Sri B Lakshmikantham personally monitored the arrangements for the first ever mega free medical camp. Speaking on Sunday evening, the JEO said, the motto behind this free mega medical camp is to ensure the well-being of our employees and their kin. Only if an employee is healthy, he or she could offer better services to pilgrims with more effectiveness and enthusiasm, th JEO opined.

He said, the Pink bus brought from SVIMS provided medical examination exclusively to women employees. The specialist examination for cervical, oral, breast cancer were carried out to over 175 women in these two days.  

Following the reports, we are contemplating the diet plan and health tips to those who diagnosed with abnormality. I thanks the SVIMS Director Dr Ravi Kumar, CMO Dr Nageswara Rao and their team of doctors, para medical staff for their dedication in carrying out the free mega medical camp in a successful manner", he maintained.

Later SVIMS Director Dr Ravi Kumar said, the aim is to engage more number of employees and their kin to utilize the free mega medical camp and later empower or create awareness among them on healthy way of life and finally to eliminate the diseases with which they are diagnosed if any.

Expressing their opinion some women employees and their mothers shared that this camp is of great use and need to be organised on a regular basis.  "We hardly have time to have all tests if we go to hospital. But because of this camp we could able to undergo all of them at one place especially those related to women", they said.

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