Staff, Volunteers and Guides will be Trained in Soft Skills - TTD EO

Tirumala, 7 Jun. 19: The Srivari Seva Volunteers will be given training on soft communication skills and dealing with the pilgrims in a smooth manner, said, TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal.

Answering a pilgrim caller Sri Muralidhar from Rajamundry who brought to the notice of EO about the rough handling of the volunteers inside the sanctum, the EO said, the volunteers will be imparted training on how to deal with the pilgrims. "Already we are giving training to our employees, volunteers, scouts and guides on soft skills. But still, we are receiving complaints on rough handling. We will enhance our training and orientation programme to the volunteers and guides, he added.

The EO answered 19 callers as a part of the monthly Dial your EO programme which was held on Friday at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala. 

Callers Sri Venkatakrishna from Nellore, Sri Sai from Hyderabad, Sri Nagaraju from Mysore sought the EO to simplify the advance room booking in online from the existing 120 days to 60 days or a month to which EO replied them that out of 6000 odd rooms available in Tirumala, only 2000 rooms were kept in online advance booking quota while the remaining rooms can be booked in current booking. "The decision was taken only after considering the majority of requests from the pilgrims into consideration as we are releasing arjitha seva quota in online three months before", he added.

Another pilgrim caller Sri Prasad from Dwaraka Tirumala sought EO to clear the wine shop and meat stall located in front of TTD choultry in Dwaraka Tirumala. Reacting to this the EO said though TTD has no direct role to intervene, he will definitely negotiate with the concerned authorities to sort out the issue.

A pilgrim Sri B Ramakrishna suggested the EO to arrange breakfast to the pilgrims like meals, for which the EO said already TTD is serving breakfast from 9.30am till 11am in Annaprasadam complex.

Callers Sri Ramu from Anantapur, Smt Padmavathi from Kavali, Smt Shravya from Hyderabad, Sri Srinivasa Murthy from Bengaluru sought EO to revise the online dip system for Arjitha Seva tickets as they are not getting the sevas in spite of trying for over a year. Replying them EO said, for 10thousand odd tickets in online, over 1.20lakh pilgrims are trying every month. Finally, 5 thousand plus (two members of a family) are getting the tickets. In this some may get in their first attempt while some others after their 10th or 11th attempt. In this case, we cannot increase the number of persons which we can allot tickets to a family since that may still hamper the figures", he added.

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