30 Crores To Promote Vedic Studies

Tirumala, 2 Oct. 19: The annual budget allocated towards the promotion of Vedic Studies by TTD as a part of its basic slogan of the protection and propagation of Hindu Sanatana Dharma is Rs.30crores said,  the Project Officer of Sri Venkateswara Higher Vedic Studies, Dr A Vibhishana Sharma.

During the media briefing in Media Centre at Tirumala on Wednesday, Sri Sharma said, TTD has been paying a remuneration of Rs.19,000 and Rs.18,000 respectively for the welfare of Ghanapathis, Kramapathis who are present in the country. Apart from these schemes,  Kuamaradhyapaka Scheme, Veda Vidwat Sadassu, Veda Pathashala are also under Vedic Studies promotional activities by TTD, he added.

Under Agama programme also we are funding renowned Vedic scholars with a fund of Rs.3200 per month. These scholars will render Vedaparayanam on every pournami in the temples of their respective places, he maintained.

(Tirumala Brahmotsavams, Srivari Brahmotsavams) 

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