All facilities made at the emergency medical centers

The District Administration and the Health Department Emergency medical centers have jointly set up from Pampa to Sannidhanam. There are 15 centers in the stretch. Emergency Medical Centers are set up in three locations from Pampa to Neelimala, two between Neelimala and Apachemedu, three between Apachemedu and Marakoottam, one in the Q Complex, one in Saramkuthi, one in Vavernadu, one in Pandithavalam and one in Swami Ayyappan Road. Each EMC has two staff nurses and two trained Ayyappa Seva Sanghom volunteers. Three EMCs have been assigned a staff nurse as a supervisor. EMCs and Cardiology Centers are connected to the Pampa Controller via hotline. The service also features multi-lingual operators in a 24-hour control room. In the case of emergency,  EMCs are coordinated through control centers. Ambulances, cardiac centers, and structure services are provided through the control room. The control room number is 04735 203232.

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