News of lizard in Aravana is false and untrue: Travancore Devaswom Board

The Travancore Devaswom Board said that the news of a lizard in Aravana is false and untrue. Pilgrimage is progressing smoothly and peacefully and the spread of this fake news is a deliberate attempt to topple it. Board president Adv.N. Vasu said the board had noticed the spread of false news from some centers and the spread of it on social media to discredit the offerings of Appam and Aravana at Sabarimala. The clean and safe way is used and that too with the help of modern technology to prepare Appam and Aravana. The plant is sterilized before the start of activities. The aravana is made at the highest temperature. Therefore, at any stage during the production of it, the chance of a lizard or moth cannot enter the aravana plant in any way. Moreover, it is after a rigorous inspection by the State Food Security Officers at the Aravana plant that the aravana tins are brought to the counter for sale.

The news is contradictory and false. The Board has already sought a comprehensive investigation by asking the State Police Chief to intervene in the issue. The president said he had filed a legal complaint against to find the source and individuals behind the fake news.

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