Panchami Theertha Snanam Sarva Papa Pariharam

Tiruchanoor, 30 Nov. 19: The last and most important fete in the Navahnika Karthika Brahmotsavams at Tiruchanoor is Panchami Theertham where in the Sudarshana Chakrattalwar will be rendered sacred bath in holy water of Padma Sarovaram on Sunday.


This fete assumed importance as it is believed that Sri Padmavathi Devi originated from the 1000 petal lotus in the spacious, crystal clear water of Padma Pushkarini on the auspicious day of Panchami in the holy month of Karthika. 


Among the Astadasa Puranas, the significance of the birth of Goddess Padmavathi is mentioned in Padma Purana penned by Maharishi Veda Vyasa. After the episode of Sage Bhrigu hitting Lord Maha Vishnu in His chest which is the dwelling place of Goddess Mahalakshmi which leads to the separation of Lord from Goddess, the Lord begins the search for His lady love. In this process he happens to meet Sri Padmavathi Devi, the beautiful daughter of Akasa Raja.

On a fine day a divine voice from the sky tells Lord to do the penance by bringing water and offer gold lotuses to appease Padmavathi. 

Lord reaches the bank of Swarnamukhi and digs a pond with a weapon called Kuntalam. And instructed Indra Deva to bring gold lotuses. 

Later the Lord has constructed Sri Surya Narayanaswamy temple on the banks of Padma Pushkarini and did penance for 12 years and offered golden lotuses everyday to appease Padmavathi. And later succeeded in marrying Her.


Like Chakra Snanam at Tirumala, Panchami Theertham at Tiruchanoor is considered to be more  auspicious.

The Goddess will be rendered snapana tirumanjanam and avabhridasnanam for sudarshana chakrattalwar is rendered in Padmasarovaram which marks the conpletion of Panchami Theertham.

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