Thousands of Devotees Line Up Along Streets

Tirupati, 21 Feb. 20: Ahead of extended Maha Shivaratri rituals for Friday night, the TTD organised a spectacular Nandi vahanam on which Sri Soma Skandamurthy and His consort Kamakshi Devi moved ahead across the streets of temple town blessing the devotees.

The devotees shouted with religious ecstasy "Hara Hara Maha Deva Sambho Shankara" all along the procession.

The colourful, procession with bhajan and Kolata teams and Mangala vaidyams caught the attention of citizens of Tirupati.

TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal, JEO Sri P Basant Kumar, CVSO Sri Gopinath Jatti took part in the celestial procession.

DyEO Sri Subramanyam, superintendent Sri Bhupathi Raju, temple inspectors Sri Reddy Sekhar and Sri Srinivas Naik and others participated.

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