Appeals to Devotees not Fall Prey To the False Media Reports - TTD

Tirupati, 23 May 20: Brushing aside the rumours by a section of media, TTD Chairman Sri YV Subba Reddy clarified that TTD has decided to auction 50 immovable properties in AP and Tamil Nadu which are unviable, not useful and prone to encroachment.  He also said, that as per Rule 165 of Chapter -XXII issued in GO Ms No.311, Revenue (Endts 1) Department, dated 09-04-1990, the TTD Board is competent to sale, exchange and mortgage the immovable properties, if found beneficial to TTD. 

Appealing to devotees not to be carried away by the false reports by a section of media which triggered confusion and hurt the sentiments of the pilgrims, TTD Board Chief said that the practice of selling immovable, non-maintainable and not useful properties is in vogue since 1974. Between 1974-2014, about 129 such immovable properties which are not useful to TTD activities were disposed off in public auction. 

He said, a sub-committee was set up for identification of such immovable properties as per Resolution No.84 dated 28-7-2015, during the Board Meeting held under the Chairmanship the then TTD Trust Board Chief Sri Ch. Krishnamurthy. Following the report by the sub-committee comprising of the then board members Sri Bhanu Prakash Reddy, Sri DP Ananta, Sri J Sekhar, Smt Suchitra Ella and Sri Sandra Venkata Veeraiah, the board in its Resolution No.253, dated 30-01-2016 resolved to dispose by public auction of 50 such unviable properties. However, as one piece of land is under legal dispute, TTD is set for the auctioning of 49 immovable properties including 17 in Rural AP, 9 in Urban AP and 23 in Rural TN in consultation with respective Sub-registrar offices with regard to book value and market value of those properties. Apart from this, another piece of land to the extent of 1.20 acres available at Rishikesh is also included for public auction, as the said land is encroached upon by unauthorized people by undertaking illegal constructions, the Chairman maintained. 

Subsequently, the present TTD Board has approved only the upset rate for public auction in their Resolution no.309, dated 29-02-2020 for disposal of the said 50 immovable properties worth Rs 23.92 crore through public auction. This is only a continuation of the auctioning process commenced by the previous board only, Sri YV Subba Reddy stressed. He said, the immovable properties which are set for auctioning includes tiny house plots varying between 1 cent and 5 cent while farmlands ranging between 10 cents and below one acre which are non-maintainable and non-revenue generating properties for TTD.

The TTD Trust Board Chief also said that the Government of Andhra Pradesh is no way connected with the disposal of immovable properties of TTD under public auction and it is not correct to link up the decisions of the TTD board with the Government. It is not correct on the part of a section of media, hurting the sentiments of millions of devotees and misguiding them with baseless reports.

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