The first ever film to be made during corona lockdown times!!!

P.  Jayakumar the writer of Amitabh Bachchan's movie Sarkar 3, Akkineni Nagarjuna Officer and God, Sex and Truth, has released the poster of his next project, The Director on the occasion of Directors day.

The director said that the post production is going on and thanked his team members for making this possible during the corona lockdown times.

The writer of God, Sex and Truth which created a national sensation and showed new perspective on sex, said that he is confident that The Director will be bolder, more sensational and more thrilling than his previous works.

He said that since GST talked about sexual freedom, The Director will talk about sexual exploitation like casting couch and me too movement; and that's why the poster depicts the scene of a naked director exploiting a heroine on the sets.

He said that the story revolves around a flop director, a fake film critic and an item girl who are the main characters of the movie.

Director P Jaya Kumar said that the release date of the film is yet to be finalized, and the decision will be taken based on the situation of lockdown, and meanwhile trailers and teasers will be released.

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