Trainee Civil Servants & MES Probationers Present a First-of-its-Kind Virtual India Day & Cultural Program

The 142 trainee Civil Servants, including IFS and IPS Officers, and 34 Military Engineer Services Probationers, who are attending online Foundation Courses from 172 different locations, from across the country, presented a first-of-its-kind Virtual India Day and Cultural Program. The online Foundation Courses are being conducted by Dr. MCR HRD Institute of Telangana. Senior Officers, Faculty, and Staff of the Institute logged in, from their respective residences, and watched the exciting proceedings of the events.

On the occasion of the India Day, the Officer Trainees were dressed in the traditional attires of various States.  Their family members did not lag behind; they too joined the celebrations in full force, wore the unique costumes suitable for their respective age groups, and added to the glamour quotient of the event. The India Day thereby turned into a vibrant vehicle to showcase India’s ‘Unity in Diversity’ in terms of its culture and costumes.
The Officer Trainees presented a feature-rich Cultural Evening, called “Utsav”. As a part of this, they rendered hit songs in different languages and received a huge round of applause. Such songs, as Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona Ugle, Ugle Heere Moti”, not only uplifted the mood of the audience but also ignited the air with the magic of patriotism and pride.
This was followed by a wave of energetic dance performances from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, UP, Punjab, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, etc. which proved to be a grand treat for the dance enthusiasts. The dazzling display of colourful costumes and unique jewellery captured the imagination of one and all.  In addition, the Officer Trainees recited poetry, presented skits on a number of socially-relevant issues, played instrumental version of ‘vande matram’   and, above all, paid rich tributes to the martyrs of the recent encounter in J K’s Handwara.     
Sri B P Acharya, IAS, DG, Dr. MCR HRD Institute & Spl. Chief Secretary to Govt of Telengana said that organizing a Virtual India Day and Cultural Program, especially during the lockdown period was a huge challenge. “The successful execution of these events proved, beyond an iota of doubt, that the Civil Service, which is considered as the ‘steel frame’ of the country, possesses the requisite competence and commitment to measure up to the high expectations of different stakeholders”, he said and added that these events provided a vibrant platform to learn important lessons in leadership, group dynamics, and intra- and inter-services coordination.
Sri Harpreet Singh, IAS, ADG of the Institute said that extensive use of emerging information technologies by the Officer Trainees will be greatly instrumental in improving their productivity.   
The lively anchoring by Ms Priyanka Roojam Kashyap, IPS, Ms Aarti Verma, IPoS, Mr Sai Prasad Krishna, ITS, and Mr Keshav Mishra IPS was an icing on the cake. 
-Press note

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