All Rituals as Per Agamas - EO

Tirumala, 5 Jun. 20: All festivals and rituals have been observed with utmost devotion in Tirumala and other temples of TTD in the last two and a half months, though the darshan is closed for devotees due to nationwide Covid 19 lockdown restrictions, said TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal.

Speaking to media persons at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Friday, he said, ever since the darshan is closed for devotees in all TTD - run temples on March 20,  TTD has been observing all religious annual fete as per respective Agamas of various temples without fail in Ekantam.

''Be it Ugadi, KRT Brahmotsavams, Vontimitta Kalyanam,  SKVST Pudhpayagam, Vasnathotsavams at Tirumala, Tiruchanoor, GT Brahmotsavams, Applayagunta Brahmotsavams, Jyestabhishekam at Tirumala, TTD is performing all rituals in Ekanta.

Apart from these, the spiritual programmes like Dhanwa

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