CM OSD Priyanka Varghese Video Conference with Municipal Commissioners on Haritha Haram

Towns must needed Telangana Ku Harithaharam rather than villages, strictly to  be implemented.

Plans must be put in place to make all municipalities look greenery.

 -Exclusive Green Fund granted for each municipality for greenery growth in towns.

-Each municipality should have an independent nurseries and grow their own plants.

- Chief Minister’s Special Officer Smt. Priyanka Varghese held video conference with Corporations and Municipal Commissioners on implementation of Telangana Ku Harithaharam.

The only way to prevent the growing pollution in urban areas is to plant trees, said CM OSD Priyanka Varghese (Telangana Ku Harithaharam). She conducted a video conference with commissioners of all corporations and municipalities in regard to the sixth Phase of Telangana Ku Harithaharam. Municipal commissioner Dr. Satyanarayana was present at the meeting. Recalling that the Chief Minister had taken a Telangana Ku Harithaharam with the intention of filling the state with greenery, she said that for the first time in the country, the municipalities were allocating a green fund. The 13 corporations and 139 municipalities in the state have prepare their own green plans. She said that nurseries should be set up on a permanent basis, plantation to be done in partnership with the colonists, along with the Avenue Plantation for all roads leading to each municipality, and the traffic islands with attractive flowering plants. The government is releasing funds every month no issue of funds. According to the new municipal act, 85% of the plants must be survived, otherwise the relevant authorities will be made responsible. This year the municipality wanted to develop at least one Miyawaki plantation so that more plants could be grown in less space and to create thicket. A special official has been assigned to the municipal department to provide technical assistance on behalf of the forest department. Increased public awareness of greenery has led to more positive results towards increasing greenery, and the need to identify and encourage companies and businesses that are engaged in social responsibility. Due to effect of Corona developments, nature is necessity to public. Municipal commissioner Dr Satyanarayana has instructed commissioners to take up public participation in urban areas for greener enhancement. Work together with teamwork and asked for a change in the environment and greenery in the towns.
 -Press note

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