Time and again, Tamil cinema has proved its efficiency in proving the theory ‘Content is King’. These films with a bunch of new talents as artistes and technicians haven’t just been recipients of honors, but have struck gold in commercial panoramas as well. These showpieces haven’t been mere luck by a chance spell but had its release after having lots and lots of appreciations and acclaims prior to its theatrical release. In this aspect, Maayabimbum has found a colossal reach among the film fraternity members. Filmmaker-Producer K.J. Surendar, who had a long journey of challenges to get his debut dream project materialized, feels elated to have found Company Masterpiece, who is releasing this film.

K.J. Surendar says, “I managed to complete the shooting of Maayabimbum with the help of my family and friends. Later, I screened the film to some leading personalities in the film industry among which director Lingusamy sir and his brother Subash Chandra Bose appreciated our team’s efforts. Furthermore, they extended their helpful gesture by getting me in touch with Company Masterpiece, who in turn is distributing the film now.”

Shot across Cuddalore, Pudhukottai, Chidambaram, and Thanjavur, the film is a sincere attempt of making a realistic film in a  commercial manner... its an emotional love story laced with good friends and family values... More than all, the female characterization in the film will be one of the salient assets of the film, which will be appreciated by audiences.

Maayabimbum features Akash, Hari Rudran, Janaki, Rajesh Bala, and Arun Kumar in lead roles with music composed by Nandha and cinematography by Edwin Sakay.  Vinoth Shivakumar (Editor) and Martin Titus (Art) are the major technicians involved in the film. Apart from writing and directing, KJ Surendar has produced this film for Self Start Productions.

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