16 Ritwiks to Perform Sundarakanda Japa Yagnam

Tirumala, 27 Sep. 20: Seeking the blessings of Lord Venkateswara on the entire humanity and revive their lives which was badly affected by the dreadful Corona Covid 19 Virus, TTD has mulled yet another Deeksha Parayanam, "Shodasadina Sundarakanda Deeksha Parayanam" with 16 versatile Pundits which will be conducted from September 29 to October 14 at Vasantha Mandapam in Tirumala.


Elaborating on the programme, Dharmagiri Veda Vignana Peetham Principal Sri KSS Avadhani said, this programme is taken up to bring back the health and wealth of the entire man kind which were seriously disturbed in the last few months due to Corona Virus. This Shodasadina Sundarakanda Parayanam will be recited separately by a team of 16 expert Vedic Pundits at Vasantha Mandapam every day starting from September 29 from 9am onwards which will be telecast live on SVBC. This apart from the daily Sundarakanda Pathanam which takes place between 7am and 8am", he added.


"The significance of this Shodasadina Sundarakanda Deeksha is that it has a 16-letter Beejaakshara Mantra. And if you tally each Akshara, the total will be 68. It means the BeejaksSo in these 16 days the entire Sundarakanda Pathanam will be completed by the Ritwiks with each day day reciting the Shlokas from the Sargas based on the Beejakshara. 

"Sree Raghavaha Vijayamtadhyat Mama Seetapatihi Prabhuhu"...Each letter is equivalent to some Sargas. On total 68 Sargas which includes 2821 Shlokas from Sundarakanda will be recited in these 16 days. And this will bring back the lost glory in all our lives", he maintained.


Adding further he said, The Ankurarpana for this prestigious programme will be performed at Veda Pathashala on September 28 by 7pm. In addition to the 16 Ritwiks who perform the recitation of Shodasadina Sundarakanda Deeksha at Vasantha Mandapam, another 16 Vedic Pundits recite the same in Dharmagiri also strictly observing Deeksha norms. 


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