Samantha Turns Chef for Upasana


UR Life, an initiative of Mega daughter-in-law Upasana Konidela aims
to  inspire people to live life to the fullest by harnessing the power
of technology to promote healthy lifestyle choices. It also provides
first-hand access to trending health tips, nutrition, expert videos,
diet plans, lifestyle hacks, consultations and healthy recipes.

Popular actress Samantha Akkineni has teamed up with UR Life as Guest
Editor and in her first, Samantha cooks ‘Thakkali Sadam’ dish with
Upasana. The video is out and in the end, its nutritional value is
also informed.

Both Samantha and Upasana are actively campaigning and promoting
wellness being as we are witnessing a global pandemic. Very recently
Samantha has stepped into urban farming and is encouraging people to
grow your veggies in their backyard while Upasana indulges in a lot of
health experts advice through her YouTube channel.

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