Srivillaiputtur Garlands Reaches Tirumala

Tirumala, 22 Sep. 20: The sacred garlands from Srivilliputtur of Tamilnadu reached Tirumala on Tuesday evening. 


Speaking on this occasion, the TTD Trust Board Chairman Sri YV Subba Reddy said, it has been a customary practice to receive the garlands from Srivilliputtur on the day before Garuda Seva. 


These holy floral garlands popularly known as Goda Devi malas from made of Tulasi, Chamanti and Sampangi flowers reached Tirumala which will be decked to the presiding deity of Lord Venkateswara on Garuda Seva day on Wednesday. 


The two garlands are also known as Andal mala and Shikamani malas kept in big baskets were offered by two families of flower makers of Srivalliputhur, 650 kms from Tirupati. 

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