Awareness is key in prevention of breast cancer: Governor

Awareness and early detection are vital in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer,” said Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan.

The Governor expressed concern about the fact that majority of the breast cancer cases were being reported at an advanced stage thus resulting in high mortality rate.

The Governor was launching the Breast Cancer Awareness Month programme organised by the Ushalakshmi Breast Cancer Foundation, from the Raj Bhavan, here on Sunday.

Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan called for the promotion of better awareness among all sections of the women through innovative methods like organizing screening camps in village melas and by introducing mobile testing labs etc.,

Though the governments have been taking up population-wise screening camps, she said that the awareness of the people on the best cancer prevention and early detection were vital in managing the cancer care so as to reduce the mortality rate.

The Governor also called for the holistic care of the cancer treatment and suggested the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual support to the patients to help them conquer the cancer.

Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan underlined the importance of fighting spirit among the patients and the support of the family members and society in helping them emerge as the cancer survivors.

The Governor appreciated the efforts of Padma Shri Dr P. Raghu Ram in establishing the Ushalakshmi Breast Cancer Foundation and for screening more than two lakh women for the breast cancer detection and for helping thousands survive the cancer.

“Dr. Raghu Ram got inspiration from his mother Dr Ushalakshmi’s breast cancer fight has started the foundation to help millions of women in India for this he and his wife Dr Vyjayanti have also left their lucrative jobs in UK. I commend them for taking this noble mission forward. I truly appreciate their efforts in the breast cancer care,” she added.

The Governor also assured that during this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Raj Bhavan complex would also be illuminated in pink colour symbolizing the cancer awareness.

The Governor has also emphasized the creation of awareness among the college going girls and exhorted them to download the app related to breast cancer awareness developed by the foundation.

Former union health secretary K. Sujatha Rao delivered the oration on “Breast Cancer Advocacy, Screening and Early Detection,” as part the virtual conference.

Principal Secretary to Government of Telangana Jayesh Ranjan, Dr. Raghu Ram, Dr Bhaskar Rao were among others who spoke.

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