Karthika Masa Deeksha Pujas Concludes with Sri Dhanwantari Puja

Tirumala, 13 Dec. 20: The month-long fete of vratas and pujas organised by TTD as part of Karthika Masa Vishnu Puja Deeksha concluded on Sunday at Tirumala with Sri Dhanwantari puja on the auspicious occasion of Sri Dhanwantari Jayanthi at Vasantha Mandapam.


The puja program was live telecast by the SVBC channel between 8.30am and 9.30am.


Earlier the Vaikhanasa Agama advisor of TTD Sri Mohana Rangacharyulu narrated the significance of the Karthika Sri Dhanwamtari Puja and said that Dhanwantari is being worshipped as God of Medicine who emerged during Samudra Madhanam. 


The utsava idols of Sri Swamy and His consorts were seated in the Vasantha Mandapam. The idol of Sri Dhanwatari was also seated facing the deities and special pujas performed. 


The program included Vishnu puja Sankalpam and prayers to all Astadikpalas and Navagraha. After the Dhanvanthri Puja, Nivedana and Harati, Kshama Prarthana and Mangalam were held heralding the conclusion of Karthika Masa Vishnu Puja fete.


Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy, Srivari temple chief archakas Sri Venugopal Dikshitulu, Sri Krishna Sheshachala Dikshitulu, other religious staffs and officials were also present.

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