Srivari Sevaks Should Become Torch Bearers of Hindu Sanatana Dharma - TTD Chairman

Tirumala, 24 Dec. 20: Srivari Sevakulu who have been rendering impeccable services to fellow pilgrims from the past two decades, should also play an active role in Hindu Sanatana Dharma activities taken up by TTD in different parts of the country, said TTD Chairman Sri YV Subba Reddy.


Addressing the volunteers at Asthana Mandapam on Thursday, he said, the Srivari Sevakulu should render whole hearted services to the pilgrims who will be visiting Tirumala for Vaikuntha Dwara Darshanam starting from December 25 till January 3. He said, for the first time, TTD has taken a historical decision to open up the doors for Vaikuntha Darshanam for ten days to provide Dwara Darshanam to more number of pilgrims. "Among all festivities that are being observed in Tirumala, we have annual Brahmotsavams and Vaikuntha Dwara Darshanam are the two most important festivals. Like annual brahmotsavams, from this year onwards, Vaikuntha Dwara Darshanam will also be opened up for pilgrims for ten days instead of earlier practice of two days", he added.


The Chairman also said, under the instructions of Honourable CM of Andhra Pradesh Sri YS Jaganmohan Reddy, TTD has taken up various Dharmic activities including Gudiko Gomata-by presenting a cow and calf to every temple, construction of 500 temples in SC, ST, BC, fishermen colonies and agency areas in two Telugu states and also contemplating on conducting free mass marriages to the poor couple soon in the name "Kalyanamastu". He sought the active involvement of Srivari Sevakulu in their respective villages and towns in the Dharmic activities taken up by TTD. Srivari Sevakulu have been offering outstanding services to pilgrims all these years and hope to see more from you in future. The every day orientation and Satsang programme by Sri Satya Sai Seva Organisation will help you to extract more qualitative services from volunteers", he observed.


Speaking on the occasion, TTD EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy, said, with the noble concept, "Manava Seve Madhava Seva-Service to Humanity is Service to Divinity", TTD has commenced Srivari Seva in the year 2000 with just 200 volunteers, Srivari Seva has now emerged into an enormous seva organisation and lending support to TTD in rendering free services to pilgrims. "So far nearly 12lakh volunteers have rendered Srivari Seva, hailing from 19 states across the country in the last two decades. The Srivari Seva was also started in Tirupati in 2014 to offer services to pilgrims in local temples. As you are all invited to serve pilgrims who will be visiting for Vaikuntha Dwara Darshan, I request you all to follow the Covid guidelines first like wearing masks, using sanitisers and maintaining social distance of two meters in between and then guide the pilgrims. We have also placed masks at all the entry points in VQC, for the sake of pilgrims, in the case if any one forgets to wear mask", he maintained.


Earlier, SV Higher Vedic Studies Special Officer, Dr A Vibhishana Sharma offered religious discourse on the importance of Vaikuntha Ekadasi and Vaikuntha Dwara Darshanam followed by melodious bhajans. Nearly 2000 volunteers hailing from all southern states and Maharastra took part in this programme.


PRO Dr T Ravi, VGO Sri Bal Reddy, APRO Ms P Neelima, AEO Srivari Seva Sri Ramakanth Rao, AE Sri Varaprasad and other office staffs of Srivari Seva participated.

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