Governor hosts lunch for an aged woman in distress at Raj Bhavan

Hyderabad, Jan 6: Moved by the plight of an aged woman, Hon’ble Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan invited the 75-year-old Bandipelli Rajamma to the Raj Bhavan and hosted a lunch for her at Raj Bhavan on Wednesday.

The tragic reality is that the distressed aged woman, Rajamma, a native of Laxminarayanapuram village in Palakurthi mandal of Jangaon district, is having a dependent son, who is also a differently-abled person.

The woman, who hails from a poor dalit family was homeless and was living on the streets and sleeping under the trees, had witnessed a series of tragedies in life including losing her daughter-in-law and granddaughter for want of medical help at the hour of the need.

The Governor was particularly anguished to know that the aged woman’s granddaughter died of snakebite and she could not get any medical intervention like anti-venom injections or other necessary medical care at that time.

Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan gave a call for making available of all necessary medical facilities, anti venom injections, medical kits and trained personnel in all rural PHCs to prevent such unfortunate deaths due to snakebite or other complications.

“Especially, poor and other economically and socially underprivileged sections should not be denied of the necessary medical facilities help and care in rural areas. Their economic or social backwardness should not come in the way of them getting the proper medical care when needed in rural areas,“ the Governor said.

The distressed woman’s daughter-in-law too succumbed due to the lack of proper medical care when she was ill.

The Governor felt that had they got the timely and necessary medical help, their lives would have been saved.

Coming to know of the old woman’s tragic story, the Governor invited her to Raj Bhavan, here, and hosted a lunch for the woman, who was really shaken and was moved to tears to believe that she was having lunch at Raj Bhavan hosted by none other than the Governor.

The Governor also extended a financial help of Rs 50,000 to the needy woman and supplied provisions sufficient for two to three months.

Governor instructed the district branch of the Indian Red Cross Society and the local administration to look after the poor woman and her dependent son’s wellbeing.

Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan directed the local authorities to ensure that no poor person should suffer for the want of medical help or from other needs and called for concerted action in this regard, especially in rural areas.

The Governor appreciated the initiative of Gundrathi Satish, Sub Inspector of 2014 batch working at Palakurthy, for constructing a house for the aged woman by raising an amount of Rs 1.6 lakh, including his personal contribution of Rs 80,000. He recently got the house warming ceremony performed by the aged woman and her challenged son.

On the occasion, the Governor felicitated the former Sarpanch Manemma and appreciated the efforts of Dr. B. Krishna, and an NGO activist Mahender, who also accompanied the aged woman to the Raj Bhavan.

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