TTD Eo Brief on the Highlights of Vaikunta Dwara Darshanam

Tirumala, 4 Jan. 21: After the successful completion of the first ever Vaikuntha Dwara Darshanam opened up by TTD in Tirumala for ten days from December 25 till January 3, TTD EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy along with Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy and CVSO Sri Gopinath Jatti briefed media at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Monday over the highlights of the maiden ten day festivity.


Initially, EO thanked all the Peethadhipathis, Pedda Jiyar and Chinna Jiyar Swamijis of Tirumala, Agama Scholars for approving the decision to open up Vaikuntha Dwaram for ten days in Tirumala abiding to the Agama Shastra and enabling more number of devotees from across the country to experience the Vaikuntha Dwara Darshanam.


Later he also thanked the strong work force of TTD for ensuring hassle free darshan to pilgrims with their team work, police for their co-ordinated work with TTD security, all the HoDs of Tirumala, Sanitary Staffs, Srivari Sevaks and above all the pilgrims for following the Covid guidelines while having Vaikuntha Dwara Darshanam.


The EO lauded the efforts of Additional EO and CVSO in making the event a grand success.


Some excerpts from the media briefing of EO:




Total Pilgrims who had Vaikuntha Dwara Darshanam during these ten days registered at 4.26lakhs which included 4,797 donors and 38,339 Virtual Seva pilgrims who were provided Vaikuntha Dwara darshan for the first time.


While among the 2lakh pilgrims who booked Rs.300 Special Entry Darshan in online 1.83lakhs had darshan and among one lakh free tokens issued to locals in Tirupati 90,852 had Vaikuntha Dwara Darshan.  About 10,725 donors of SRIVANI Trust also had darshan.




A total of 20.80lakhs laddus were distributed to pilgrims which included free (3.94lakhs), small(15.94lakhs) and big(74,982) Laddus and 35,894 Vadas.




The Srivari Hundial netted Rs.29.09crore for these ten days while a revenue of Rs.2.27crore has been credited in to the coffers of TTD through the booking of 50,894 rooms.




A total of 90,290 pilgrims offered their hair including 81,970 men and 8,320 women devotees.




Annaprasadam has been served to 4.52lakh pilgrims in MTVAC, VQC while 77,000 beverages to devotees on Vaikuntha Ekadasi and Dwadasi days only.




The APSRTC operated 5210 trips between Tirupati and Tirumala and transported nearly 1.63lakh pilgrims and 5280 trips between Tirumala and Tirupati transporting 1.73lakh pilgrims.




30 tonnes of traditional flowers and 2lakh cut flowers donated by flower donors were used to decorate temple which won appreciation from pilgrims 




A total of 1000 security guards, 1200 Sanitary Staff, 2000 Srivari Sevakulu offered impeccable services to pilgrims at different points in Tirumala




A total of 11,800 pilgrims underwent medication in all the TTD dispensaries and Aswini Hospital present in Tirumala.


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