Devotees should follow the rule to make Sabarimala clean

 The devotees coming to Sabarimala to have the darshan of Lord Ayyappa has the responsibility to keep the forest around clean and tidy. They should take it a vow that it is their responsibility to keep it safe from plastic wastes. Devotees should follow these steps to avoid littering Sabarimala with plastic wastages.

1.    Do not bring anything harmful to the garden of the Lord Ayyappa, especially plastic. Take the wastes to home and dispose of it.
2.   Avoid using soap or oil while bathing in the Pamba river. Do not leave clothes in the river.
3.   Break the coconut before taking holy eighteen steps and don't break elsewhere other than the place allotted.
4.   Avoid urinating in open areas.
5.   Keep the toilets clean.


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