Travancore Devaswom Board stocks enough Appam and Aravana

 The Travancore Devaswom Board has made enough arrangements at Sabarimala for the distribution of Appam and Aravana. In the wake of any heavy rush, the unavailability of Appam and Aravana is not in question as the Board has piled up enough in the reserve store. To sell the favorite prasadam of Lord Ayyappa here in Sabarimala, ten cash counters have been opened at Sannidhanam and Malikappuram. In three counters, those who have booked online can purchase Appam and Aravana. There is also the facility arranged for the devotees to purchase it through the ATMs.

 The Special Officer of the Devaswom Board has said that enough stock is in the reserve and there is no worry of unavailability of the prasadams.  One lakh eighty thousand tin aravana is sold a day while appam sale is about 60,000 covers since the start of the Mandalam-Makaravilakku pilgrimage season. The reserve stock of Aravana is twenty-one lakh and above and also a one and a half covers of appam is also in the reserve.

The Appam and Aravana plant is working round the clock with 256 devaswom employees and 239 daily wage workers taking turns of duties. In a shift, 40 or more people are present in the plants. Two such plants are there working in Sannidhanam. The plants also have facilities to increase production in a hurry. The Devaswom Board has taken steps to provide appam and aravana to the devotees.

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