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TTD Intensifies Publicity on Plastic Ban in Tirumala

Tirumala, 12 Apr. 21: As a part of its mission of environment protection in Tirumala, TTD has taken up a ban on plastic usage in the hill town since January last. To attain a cent per cent plastic ban in Tirumala, TTD has intensified its publicity.


On Monday, under the aegis of Dr RR Reddy, Health Officer of TTD, awareness rallies were organized at Alipiri Toll Gate, Kalyanakatta and other important junction points. 


The employees, locals and pilgrims are being told to completely ban the usage of plastic bottles and instead use glass bottles in its place.


Some of the key guidelines on plastic ban:


Devotees walking along both footpath routes are requested not to carry plastic bottles 


They are also sought not to throw plastic covers and other related items in the ghats


All the shopkeepers residing are also directed not to sell items in plastic covers 


Reusable bottles are being encouraged


Every day, the Health wing divides into two teams and educates pilgrims trekking along both footpaths and also clears the plastics if any immediately.


In Tirumala, RO water is available at all the 88 Jalaprasadam units. Every day nearly 4.44lakh litres of water are being filtered through water filters and devotees shall consume these waters avoiding carrying plastic water bottles.


Even in all the shops at Tirumala, glass water bottles are available


The replacement of plastic laddu covers with jute bags and biodegradable compost covers has gained an immense response from pilgrims.


Similar manner, the devotees are requested to discard the usage of plastic water bottles and co-operate with the decision of TTD to make Tirumala a safe Plastic Free Zone.


TTD Eo Review on BIRRD Hospital

Tirupati, 09 April 2021:   TTD EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy on Friday directed officials to set up a centralised procurement cell for purchase of medical equipment and Medicines through single agency for BIRRD, SVIMS and central hospitals run by TTD.

Speaking at a review meeting on progress of development activities of the BIRRD hospital at Sri Padmavati Rest House, the TTD EO urged officials to set up help desks and reception cells  besides electronic display boards in BIRRD to transform it into a  patient friendly unit.

He said new rooms  built for in-patients should be commissioned and the artificial limbs unit should be strengthened by completing the purchase of New Equipments.

Dr Jawahar Reddy instructed officials to complete arrangements by end of May to operate the Cath lab and blood banks in BIRRD hospital.

He directed officials to clear the plastic water bottles dumped on Alipiri- Tirumala Road and spread awareness among devotees about them ban on use of plastic bottles.

Since alternative arrangements for Drinkng water is being made at Tirumala, plastic bottles should not be allowed to Tirumala.

Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy, JEO Smt Sada Bhargavi, CVSO Sri Gopinath Jatti, Honorary Director of BIRRD hospital Dr Madanmohan Reddy, Health Advisor Dr Swetha, CE Sri M Ramesh Reddy,FA& CAO Sri O Balaji,C S RMO Sri Shailendra,Health officer Dr R R Reddy, Dr Muralidhar and others were also present. 


To Take up Massive Plantation Activity for the Protection of Tirumala Environs

 Tirumala, 7 Apr. 21: With an aim to conserve the rich green vegetation and to preserve the biodiversity of the Seshachala ranges, TTD is contemplating a massive plantation programme soon.


Under the instructions of Executive Officer Dr KS Jawahar Reddy, the DFO of TTD Sri Avula Chandrasekhar has chalked out a detailed action plan to take up the plantation programme in the Seshachala ranges.


During the PowerPoint presentation held at the Chambers' of EO in TTD Administrative Building in Tirupati on Wednesday with DFO, the EO directed him to take opinions of experts to grow indigenous plant breeds in the place of the Acacia which has spread its tentacles ruthlessly affecting the biodiversity of Tirumala forests.




Going back to history, the plantation of Acacia auriculiformis (Tumma) happened in 1983. Being a plant breed of Australia, Acacia which has a history of around 50years across the world was considered as a fast-growing species as it consumes less water and grows fast even on rocky patches as well in deserts. However, over a period, biologists across the world realized that this species has critically disturbed other flora, fauna and aves and almost many countries have now banned the growth of Acacia. 




During his inspection in the areas of Dharmagir, Kumaradhara-Pasupudhara wilds, TTD EO has noticed a meagre growth of plant species, movement of birds, animals etc. wherever there is Acacia plantation and called for an expert opinion to know the reason. 


Accordingly Dr. B.M.K. Reddy, Chairman, Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity and a few other professors were approached who gave alarming facts over the depletion of greenery in Seshachala ranges.




The experts stated Acacia was grown in about 890hectares in the Tirumala Seshachala forest cover. 


As its Ph value is standing between 4.4 and 4.5, because of this high acidity, no other plants are germinating besides Acacia. 


No animal or bird can feed on Acacia. Even the honey bees cannot transport the nectar from its pollen which is ultimately resulting in the hindrance of other plants and affecting animal life as well.


Apart from this Acacia is fast-growing species after bamboo and easily attracts fire and has no wind tolerance because of its lateral roots.


Because of the widespread Acacia in the last three and a half decades, nearly 76 creepers, 49 plant species have joined the endangered list, which is an alarming situation, which is impacting on greenery, ecology and wildlife of Tirumala.




To overcome this alarming situation, TTD has decided to extensively grow indigenous plant species in the place of Acacia. The forest wing officials have identified over 994 varieties of plant species in the place of Acacia.


Plans are anvil to grow Ficus religiosa (Raavi), Ficus bengalensis (Marri), 

Ficus virens (Juvvi), Magnolia champaca (Sampangi), Madhuka longifolia (Ippa), Terminalia arjuna (Maddi), Syzygium cumini (Neredu), Albizia lebbek (Chinduga), Limonia acidissima (Velaga) and many more replacing Acacia.


According to DFO Sri Chandrasekhar, of 890hectares where Acacia has spread, 240hectares will be retained while the remaining 650hectares will be replaced with other Indigenous species in a phased manner. He said the entire project is projected at around Rs.20crores. During the first phase in 2021-22, the plantation activity will be taken up in 80hectares of land.



TTD Addl Eo Review on New Covid Guidlines

Tirumala, 31 Mar. 21: TTD Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy on Wednesday directed officials to take extra precautions on devotees health security in view of Covid spike in the country.


Addressing a review meeting at Annamaiah Bhavan in Tirumala, the Additional EO urged them to make foolproof arrangements for Srivari Darshan as per new Covid guidelines.



- All devotees should compulsorily wear masks at all crowded locations of Tirumala like Vaikuntam queue complex, Srivari temple, Anna Prasadam Complex, Kalyanakatta and sanitise the region once in 2 hours


- Sarva Darshan tokens slashed from 22,000 to 15,000 per day. Devotees from Tamilnadu, Karnataka etc. should note the change.


- Installation of thermal scanners at Anna Prasadam centres and Room allocation sub-centres.


- Only two persons per room and complete sanitation after each vacation.


- Devotees visiting Tirumala should bring their own masks and sanitizers and clean their hands once in two hours.


- Devotees should also utilise the sanitizers provided at the Vaikuntam queue complex and Srivari temple.


- Foot-operated sanitizers to be installed in queue lines.


- Devotees should observe physical social distancing everywhere at Tirumala.


- After frequent COVID-19 situation assessment, TTD mulling to reduce the online issue of 300, special Darshan tickets.


- Devotees with time slot tokens by road vehicles to be allowed at Alipiri checkpoint by 1.00 pm of previous 


- Devotees with time slot tokens by walk to be allowed at Alipiri and Srivari Mettu at 09.00 am of the previous day.


- Devotees to be allowed in Vaikuntam queue complex just 30 minutes before the allotted time slot 


- All vehicles to be sanitized at Alipiri and devotees to undergo thermal scanning.


- Devotees with Cold, cough and fever should postpone their Tirumala visit.


- All TTD employees to be vaccinated and HoDs of each department should get it done as part of their duty.


- TTD will publicise precautionary measures of Covid through Radio Broadcasting in five languages. TTD is also installing flex's on Dos and Don’ts for devotees at all major crowded locations.


- Chief engineer Sri Ramesh Reddy, Srivari temple DyEO Sri Harindranath, Health Officer Dr RR Reddy, CMO Dr Narmada were present



Over 1000 TTD Employees Get Vaccinated

Tirumala, 16 Mar. 21: In the last ten days, over 1000 employees of TTD were vaccinated and reported no side effects.


With the intervention of TTD EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy who had written a letter to the Government stating the key role played by the TTD employees during the Corona crisis and rendered services to pilgrims as front warriors. The Covid vaccination programming commenced for its employees at Tirumala and Tirupati in TTD on March 5. 


On Tuesday, TTD Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy, Srivari temple Chief Priest Sri Venugopala Deekshitulu also underwent Covid vaccination at Tirumala. The Additional EO called upon the employees to have vaccination, as it is completely safe.


In the ongoing first phase, the employees who crossed 45 years and those with comorbidities are being rendered vaccination and in the last so far 302 employees underwent vaccination in TTD Central Hospital while 710 employees at Aswini Hospital in Tirumala till date.


Health Officer Dr RR Reddy, Chief Medical Officer Dr Narmada, Central Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Kusuma, Aswini Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Kusuma Kumari are supervising the vaccination programming for the employees at Tirumala and in Tirupati.


TTD Chairman Visits SVIMS

 Tirupati, 12 Mar. 21: TTD Chairman Sri YV Subba Reddy along with EO Dr KS Jawahar Reddy paved a visit to SVIMS Super Speciality Hospital where the vedic students who tested positive for undergoing treatment on Friday evening. 


Later speaking to media persons he said all the students and a faculty who tested positive for safe and asymptomatic.


He said TTD is taking all Medicare for its students and assured parents not to worry about their health safety.  "Today I also inspected Dharmagiri Veda Vignana Peetham at Tirumala and verified the facilities to students. Also made some instructions about COVID safety measures", he maintained.